Lilac Silver Gray Feather Shawl Wrap Shoulder Shrug


Professor Wilkes LLC — Lilac Silver Gray Feather Shawl Wrap Shoulder Shrug — Notice how the color of the feathers change hues under different lighting conditions.




Lilac Silver Gray Reversible Natural Feather Wrap Shoulder Shrug

This is a luxurious custom piece created using rooster feathers and satin ribbon with sheer organza ribbon tie. This simple design wraps elegantly around your neck and shoulders and ties at the rear waist area. Conveniently, this can also be worn around the waist instead of around the shoulders if you’d like to create a second look or style.

Notice how this piece changes color under different lighting. White light makes the piece look more of a purple lilac and warm, yellow light creates more of a pink hue of lilac. In natural light the feathers appear almost like a grayish silver lilac. It’s rather fascinating. You can also reverse this wrap. One side has a thicker white ribbon, the other has a thinner light silverish ribbon as shown for a subtler look.

Actual feather area measures approximately 2 feet long; 5′ 7″ long when including ribbon ties in measurement; by about an average of 7″ wide.

If ordering a large quantity at once, please allow more than 1-2 business days to process your order. Each piece is handcrafted. So, images shown may differ ever so slightly from what you receive. Screen colors may vary depending on browsing device. Natural light versus artificial lighting can change the appearance of the product.

If you would prefer other colors or styles, simply send a message requesting it and your wish just might come true!

Perfect for Weddings, Valentine’s Day, Fairy Festivals, Fanciful Halloween Costumes, Masquerade Balls, Murder Mystery Nights, Cosplay Events, Stage Performances, Dance Accessory, Burlesque Shows; Campfire Parties or Indian Headdress; Evening Occasions and Cocktails; Retro, Steampunk, and Gothic Looks; Vintage Gatherings, and similar.

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