Deluxe 4 Piece Phoenix Feather Costume Set


Professor Wilkes LLC — Phoenix 4 Piece Feather Costume Set – Featuring fire colors in red, orange, yellow, and black




Deluxe 4 Piece Phoenix Costume Set – Orange, Yellow, Red, and Black Natural Feather Fire Collar, Cuffs, and Tail

This is a deluxe 4-piece costume set created using rooster feathers and satin ribbon inspired by the colors of the Phoenix – Fire – Red, Yellow, Orange, and Black. Included are matching shoulder wrap, 2 cuffs, and long tail. The shoulder piece wraps elegantly around your neck, lies on your shoulders, and ties in the front. The tail piece ties in the front. The wrist cuffs tie around each wrist.

One Size
Length of tail is approximately 3′ 3″

If ordering a large quantity at once, please allow more than 1-2 business days to process your order. Each piece is handcrafted. So, images shown may differ ever so slightly from what you receive. Screen colors may vary depending on browsing device. Natural light versus artificial lighting can change the appearance of the product.

If you would prefer other colors or styles, simply send a message requesting it and your wish just might come true!

Perfect for Cosplay Events, Phoenix Costume, Fire Theme, Fairy Festivals, Fanciful Halloween Costumes, Masquerade Balls, Stage Performances, Dance Accessory; Evening Occasions and Cocktails; Vintage Gatherings, and similar.

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